Shop Open Now!

FROYO shop now open in Cork City

The time has arrived: The Irish company FROYO has opened its very first store in Cork City with a bang. On offer in Castle Street is frozen yogurt, crepes and coffee,

Frozen yogurt is also known as Frogurt or FroYo. It is a frozen dessert made with yogurt. It is similar to ice cream, but has a different texture and is lighter and more refreshing. It is usually lower in fat due to the use of milk instead of cream.

The new FROYO shop in Cork offers fat-free diary froyo, as well as vegan froyo. The toppings range from fresh fruit to delicious chocolate flakes. Everything is self-serve - so guests can pick and choose what they want.

The FROYO Experience

Find us in Cork City

Our funky FROYO shop is located right in the centre of Cork City. You find us in Castle Street, which is right between St. Patricks Street and North Main Street. Walk to the right when St. Patricks Street swings left into Grand Parade. You pass McDonalds on the right. Take the next left and you're now in Castle Street. Half way down you'll find our shop on the right. You can't miss the FROYO sign!